The ultraverse is the new frontier of exploration where everything is:

  • Ultra-small
    0.000 000 000 1 meter
  • Ultra-fast
    0.000 000 000 000 001 second
  • Ultra-powerful
    1 000 000 000 000 000 watts


We use advanced laser technology to shrink particle accelerators from miles to meters.
Our lasers make electrons surf on three-dimensional plasma waves and accelerate them to ultra-high energies.

Today We Understand Almost All the Physical Processes in the Universe Except Extreme Ones.


Early ultraverse explorers relied on very large particle accelerators to explore the ultra-small with ultra-powerful particles and x-rays. Only countries could afford these exploration vessels. TAU’s advances make possible a new type of exploration crafts for the ultraverse:

The Ultracrafts

  • Most powerful laser-driven particle accelerator
    Most powerful laser-driven particle accelerator
  • High-power laser designed for 
efficiency, robustness and 
high-volume production
    High-power laser designed for efficiency, robustness and high-volume production
  • Brightest compact source of UV and
x-ray pulses
    Brightest compact source of UV and x-ray pulses
  • Full training and support for users and customers
    Full training and support for users and customers
  • Most advanced test 
and data acquisition 
    Most advanced test and data acquisition systems

ultraverse PORTALS

TAU will build and commercialize ultracrafts and make them widely available, opening many new portals to discover, understand and benefit from the ultraverse.



TAU Systems brings together a daring crew of explorers.
Björn Manuel Hegelich
Founder | CEO

A professor at The University of Austin at Texas, Manuel is one of the pioneers of laser-driven particle accelerators. He has led research groups at Los Alamos National Laboratory and at the Center for Relativistic Laser Acceleration in South Korea.
Manuel holds a PhD in physics from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics.

Lukasz Gadowski
Board Member | Founding Investor

Founder and CEO of Team Global and founder of Delivery Hero, Lukasz has been successfully investing in technology companies for over 15 years and growing them across five major themes: mobility, clean and abundant energy, robotics, digitalization and social entrepreneurship. He is passionate about science and frontier technology.

Jerome Paye
Chief Operating Officer

With wide-ranging industry and business experience spanning major automakers Ford and Renault and Achates Power, an innovative powertrain startup, Jerome also brings to TAU his early experience in ultrashort pulse and high energy lasers.
Jerome holds engineering and doctorate degrees from École Polytechnique in France, and a Master of Engineering in manufacturing from the University of Michigan.

Stephen V. Milton
VP | Accelerator Science

A recognized international leader in the science and technology of particle accelerators and free-electron lasers, Stephen has designed, led the construction, commissioned, and overseen the operations of a wide variety of such systems around the world.
Stephen holds a BS in physics from the University of California, Davis, and an MS and PhD in physics from Cornell University.

Catalin Neacsu
VP | Business Development

Drawing on his successful career in the ultrafast lasers and photonics industry, Catalin comes to TAU Systems with proven leadership records in strategic marketing, business development and sales of deep tech innovation. Catalin holds a PhD in physics from the Humboldt University and the Max Born Institute in Berlin, as well as an MBA degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Technical University Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics.

Axel Oehlers

Operational finance leader and growth expert with a solid grasp of emerging technologies, cost containment and human capital requirements that serve as the foundation of tactical initiatives, strategic business plans, and performance. Axel has a noted track record of fund raising, driving business development, financial solvency initiatives, and efficiency enhancements. He holds a degree from the Stuttgart Media University.

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